How to Get The Right Student Travel Insurance


When you’ve decided to go for holiday, it is good to get a good deal for travel insurance whereby you will be rest assured you’ve covered when on holiday. However, no one thinks about having some challenges when they are having fun during the holiday but it is imperative to go for travel insurance as a student. Taking the consideration of hectic moments you’ve went through at school such as exams stress and months of revisions and lectures, you certainly need to have a rest and opt for holiday. Meanwhile, you can spend bit cash on a travel insurance policy and get yourself covered in case any thing goes wrong.

What you only need to do is by making sure you search for good policy and when you are smart about any policy you choose, it will cost you less and get you covered. This means that as a student planning to go for a holiday or summer trip somewhere, it is interesting to opt for travel cover. If you are a student and willing to do such, you are on the right path as this article shall discuss what you need to know about student travel insurance and how you can go about it.

Why Travel Insurance?

It is good to apply for travel insurance because anything might happen when you are on holiday and it can end up to be a huge bill on your budget but with insurance policy, you can avoid the bill when you invest a bit cash. There are places that offer a huge cost of healthcare services and if you are on holiday and need such service you can easily be covered when you have applied for travel insurance but shall be a serious issue when you don’t have any insurance policy. Some medical treatment can actually drain your budget when you are on holiday and the best way to avoid this is by spending some cash by getting an insurance policy that will get you covered during your holiday. Some countries cost much for medical treatment to the extent that minor accident can charge you a lot.

What Is European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): It is appropriate for any European Union citizen to apply for European Health Insurance Card as it enables them to have basic healthcare treatment at a cheap cost when they are on travel to any European Economic Area. So if you are eligible, what you need to do is just by submitting an online application and the cards are free. You can apply from the official website of the government agency and you should avoid scammers that have established fake portals which they will used to request for a token from you before issuing you the card. The card is free and hence you can apply and get it at zero cost. Meanwhile, the specification of the card is to take care of basic healthcare treatment and in any condition whereby you are on holiday and witnessed any accident, the cost/bill is on you as the card shall not be effective hence you can rearrange your travel plans and get travel insurance if you wish.

What Will Travel Insurance Cover?

If you applied for travel insurance as a student that is planning to go on holiday, you can have access to coverage such as medical bill, loss of documents, personal liability and many more. However, there are various travel insurance policies and you need to make sure you read and digest any policy you wish to pay for before agreement. For example, when it is in your holiday plan to go for adventures or sporting activities, you should simply look for policy that clearly state that you are covered in any case of accident. It might however cost you a bit more cash but it is better to get that than applying for what won’t cover you. It is therefore advisable to go for policy that offers the followings:

  • Medical cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Cancellation cover (in a case of when your flight is cancelled)
  • Loss of properties
  • Loss of cash

So, if there is any policy that can’t offer the above service, it is better not to go for it. You should also have it in mind to always check for excess. Insurance excess means you will agree to pay some certain amount in a case of emergency whereby your insurer covers the remaining.

What Travel Insurance can’t cover?

As we’ve highlighted some things that your travel insurance needs to cover, you should also bear it in mind that there are certain conditions that your travel insurance can’t cover. Although, insurance companies out there are willing to let you know that you can be financially covered if any wrong thing happened, you shouldn’t see that as excuse for you to be reckless and go beyond your capacity. There are many things that the insurance company will not cover you for and some of them are listed thus:

  1. When you are alcohol drinker or you are taking illegal drugs. This means that if you are on holiday and willing to party and have fun, you should be careful about it and avoid injuries that it might cause as medical hospitals that take care of you shall input it in your health records which will not give you opportunity to be insured on such medical cost.
  2. When you have existing health condition. This means that you need to declare your conditions to the insurance company which is left for them to take care of or not as honesty is very pertinent in insurance game.
  3. When you leave your luggage or bags on the beach and got stolen by unknown vehicle.
  4. If you failed to report your situation quickly enough (when you take more than 24hrs to make the claim).
  5. If you aren’t taking relevant safety precaution.

How Can You Make Travel Insurance Claim?

You are expected to submit your report/claim within 24hrs that it occurred because most of the insurance companies offer 24-hour hotline for you to tell them any situation that happened. Therefore, when any wrong thing happened, be fast and let them know as soon as possible and in fact you can always be with their hotline number for you to quickly notify them. Meanwhile, for effectiveness, you should study the situation carefully and probably write down the necessary details so that you can be able to provide details to any inquiry the insurance company made from you. For example, if you are reporting a case of theft to them, you need to get them the details of how it happened and also a crime reference number from the local police department. The insurance company might also request for photograph of the stolen item to authenticate the claim that you truly owns them.

What Type of Travel Insurance Can You Go For?

When you are willing to have the best student travel insurance policy for your holiday, make sure you think about the cover you need, the length of your trip and find the right deal. Meanwhile, a single cover will only insure you for just a trip which might not last longer than a month but annual cover will offer you insurance for your holiday you take over the next year. So choose the appropriate policy that suits your plan.

Best Places to Find Student Travel Insurance:

  1. Endsleigh: This is a good insurance company that offers student travel insurance with affordable policies. In fact, this company is the only insurance company that is recommended for students by NUS. The company offer gap year and study abroad insurance.
  2. STA Travel: STA Travel is no doubt of the best company you can get your travel insurance as a student. They provide budget, standard and premier policies. They also offer insurance for study abroad, holidays and many more.


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