Applying For International Student Loans to Study in The U.S


Do you want to study in the USA? Then you must be aware how expensive it is to study in the US especially for international students. If you’re financially capable enough, then you can experience smooth study. However, those who can’t afford to pay for tuition fee in US while also paying other bills as well can consider a loan to study abroad

Yes, you might be afraid of a loan because you can get choked on repaying the credit. But that should not deter you. Let me inform you that there are some loan options in US that offer a convenient repayment option that will most likely commence after you have graduated and gotten a job, plus you’re given a number of years to repay the debt.

One serious challenge that international students usually encounter is to get a lender who is willing to loan them money. They have this belief that is not ideal to lend an international students money because they’re temporarily residing in the country.

Meanwhile, a good option for international students is to simply obtain a loan from the government. The federal loans are there for foreign students with a certain type of non citizens status and there is a need for you to possess a cosigner before you can access the loan.

Eligibility for non citizens

You must meet the following requirements before you can apply without a cosigner:

Be a US citizen

A U.S permanent resident with a green card.

People who have an Arrival/Departure Record from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services showing the following statuses: refugee; asylum granted; Cuban-Haitian Entrant; Conditional Entrant issued before April 1, 1980; or parolee.

Applicants who hold a T nonimmigrant status, or whose parents do.

Application with a cosigner:

Before you can apply with a cosigner, you must have a valid student Visa with a cosigner who is a US citizen or a permanent resident with good credit. When you are able to get a cosigner with at least a 690 credit score, you already stand a better chance to get a private loan with a favorable interest rate.

If you couldn’t get a cosigner, you should consider private student loans offered to foreign students with no cosigner.


There are some private loan firms that offer international students this option and they include:

Sallie Mae


Citizens Bank

College Ave




Funding U

Department of Education

It is necessary you compare the features of different loan options, know about their interest rates, and get to know the ones that are suitable for you. Also, find out their repayment plan and note if the lender will help postpone payment should in case you have difficulty paying them.
Get to know what late repayment clauses are attached and finally ensure that they have a several contact options for easy reach.