8 List Of Federal Government Loans In 2021-2022 (Currently Ongoing)


The federal government is working tirelessly to ensure that it alleviates a lot of Nigerians from poverty by coming up with programmes and schemes that will help its citizens. Some of these schemes have been successful and others have failed but this has not stopped the federal government from doing more.

In this article, we’ll be talking about different federal government loans available in 2021-2022 and we’ll be covering everything you need to know regarding this list of federal government loans available in 2021 and beyond.

This post is going to be a lengthy one as we’ll be covering everything you need to know and how you can apply for any federal government loans in 2021.

Before I proceed, let me ask you this question.

Are you a businessman or woman looking for a federal government loan to help you shy rocket your business within a short period? If yes then you’re in the right place

These loans offers are available to businesswomen, businessmen and households. The application process is easy and straightforward. some of these loans are interest-free while others come with interest rates.

List Of Federal Government Loans In 2021-2022 (Currently Ongoing)

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8 List Of Federal Government Loans In 2021-2022

Below is the list of federal government loans available to Nigerians in 2021- 2022.


The CBN AGSMEIS LOAN is an initiative of the central bank of Nigeria to empower farmers and agricultural businesses within the country. AGSMEIS is an acronym of  Agric and small-medium enterprise scheme which was introduced by the federal government to assist agricultural driven businesses.

As a beneficiary of AGSMEIS Loan, you can have access to loans of over 10 million Naira with a 5% interest rate. This scheme is a voluntary initiative of the banker’s committee which was approved on the 331st bankers submit which was held 4 years ago on 9 February 2017.

The aim of the meeting was to ensure that the banks are supporting the government by giving out 5% of their profit after tax and VAT in other to promote agriculture in the country. Learn how to Apply for an AGSMEIS loan by clicking here.


The NYSC Loan scheme is another loan programme by the federal government of Nigeria to ensure that they provide startup business capital for corp and ex-corp members of the Nigeria Youth Service Corps.

If you’re a corp member of the Nigeria Youth Service Corp you can have access to secure a loan from the central bank of Nigeria.

This loan was made possible through the help of the heritage bank, in partnership with the Youth Innovative and Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

As an individual beneficiary of the NYSC loan, you can borrow up to 3 million Naira and for group owned business of  3-5 people, you can have access to a loan offer of 10 million Naira. For you to apply for the NYSC LOAN visit here


CBN Nirsal Loan for Covid 19 was introduced by the government of Nigeria to tackle the challenges people and businesses have experienced as a result of the Covid 19 lockdown that happened in the country.

Most businesses have suffered some setbacks as a result of the effect of the covid 19 which ravaged the economy of the country.

You can apply for the CBN NIRSAL COVID 19 Loan from this link

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NPower Geep Loan is an interest-free federal government loan for exited Npower beneficiaries of batch A and B.

GEEP is an acronym for Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program. These loan offers to allow Npower beneficiaries to get loans of up to 300,000 Naira. The federal government are using this loan offer to ensure that to help the Npower beneficiaries to start their own business and become employers of labour in the country.


The Idea of Npower was announced by Zainab Ahmed, the minister of finance in Nigeria. She made it clear that the mission of the government is to ensure that the beneficiaries of Npower don’t go back to the street after finishing their program without anything to show of.

To learn more on how to enrol on the Npower GEEP Loan, you can read the full article on how to enrol for the Npower Geep Loan.

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The National Housing Fund is a federal government initiative that was designed to help tackle the housing problem in the country. 

The idea of NHF is to make available funds that will facilitate the provision of affordable housing for the citizens of Nigeria. This loan offer allows eligible candidates to have a house of their own by paying 2.5% of their monthly salaries to the federal mortgage bank of Nigeria.

Click here to know how to apply for an NHF loan


The federal government of Nigeria introduced the farmers Moni loan as a means of supporting farmers. The programmes under the GEEP initiative are empowerment programme for farmers to boost the economy of the country.

Under the scheme, beneficiaries can get access to a higher facility ranging from N300,000 to N2,000,000 when they repay within the stipulated period. The scheme is to provide 1.66 million micro-lending for businesses at the bottom of the financial pyramid-traders, women cooperatives and market women; enterprising youth, farmers and agricultural workers, no collateral or interest element


The Market Moni Loan is part of the GEEP initiative which was designed by the federal government to support market women and business owners.

This idea is very similar to the Traders Moni Loan. This loan offer comes with a 0-5% interest rate depending on the amount you’re been given.

Under this scheme, beneficiaries can get loans of up to 100,000 Naira when they pay back the 50,000 Naira that will be given out

To apply for this loan you need to ensure that you meet the requirement and qualifications below.

  • Official Government Identification
  • Notarized Guarantor Forms
  • Passport photographs
  • Training Certificate

To learn more on how to apply, read How To Apply For Market Moni Loan


Traders Moni is an initiative introduced by the federal government of Nigeria as a means of creating entrepreneurs. This scheme was designed to assist petty traders and artisans to boost their business.

As a beneficiary of the Trader Moni, you’ll get from N10,000 to N100,000 which is entirely interest-free. Subsequently, as you pay back, you’ll get an increase and more loan offers.

To qualify for this loan offer, you must meet these requirements

Requirement For Traders Moni Loan

  • You must a Nigerian citizen
  • You must be 18 years and above
  • You must be a trader or a business owner
  • You must belong to a registered market corporative
  • You must have a valid means of identification (Voters Card, National ID card or an international passport or a driving license)
  • Have a valid phone number which they will use in reaching 

You can read more about Trader Moni and how to apply for Traders Moni.


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