10 Best Places You Can Sell Your Shoe For Cash


10 Best Places You Can Sell Your Shoe For Cash.
There are various ways in which you can sell your shoes to get an extra form of income for your self, and infact apart from selling your own shoes,, if you have a good zeal, you could sell shoes to support your side hustle to earn more desiring incomes that you can save for the future. Sales of shoe could be a very profitable kind of business and a very intelligent business idea especially when the kind of shoes you are ready to throw out for sales are those designers and popular shoes like Air Jordan, Air max or Yeezys.

The availability of the shoes you have is what will determine the kind of market that you will need for the purpose. And it will just be left for you to be able to fix price for the shoes you intend to buy and to do that you need to visit the StockX.which is a website that is set up just like a CNBC Investing website which deals with various brands of shoes. This article contains best places where you can easily sell your shoes both offline and online.Major purpose you sell shoes is if you need to make money or probably you aint wearing the shoe again and instead of it losing value at home, it better you sell it to make an extra income.

Below are about 10 reliable places where you can sell your shoes for cash both offline and online.

PoshmarkThis is among those very important, popular and very reputable places where you can buy and sell your entire items in which shoe is among. They have an app which you can use to sell all your different varieties of goods which includes; Shoes, jewelry, clothings, make up and accessories and it stands as one of the best app in which you can use to make cash when trying to sell your shoes

This is a very useful and essential and platform that you need to sell you shoes and it will be very good if you make the best use of it and in using it, you will have to download and install the app before you can be able to use it for the marketing purpose and the process are as follows; -The App is free, just sign up and download the app.

-Take necessary pictures of the shoes and upload
-You can share the pictures with your wide network of shoppers, and the wider your network, the more sales you will like make.
-Using the prepaid envelope provided by poshmark, you can make a shipping for a customer who have placed an order.
-money will be received as soon as the product get to the hand of the person making the purchase.

Craigslist.This is a polpular website that has become the go-to place where alot of listings can be found for sell. You can find every kind of things for sale both the very expensive stuffs and the relative cheap ones and shoes is also part of the commodities that can be found on the site for sell


It doesn’t matter whether you have used the shoe before or it is a new one, you just have to list them for sell.The site permit person to person meet up to deliver the product, you don’t pay anything to post online and you can post a good pics and write the decription appropriately.Endeavour to follow the scam guideline of the site so as to be able to prevent scam.

  1. EtsyThis is another very popular online market place in which you can sell your hand made goods which includes shoes as well and vintage items. This handmade goods is a form of profitable hobby that most people does that fetch them money
    This platform provides a means whereby you can create your own store and sell things there very easilyIt has a listing fee of about $0.20 every 4 months and after which you are allow to renewe again.Your shoe sells on this webiste will cos you 5% of the transaction fee and $0.20 dollars of the processing fee. You can easily sell your shoe and get paid wirh Etsy and you must know that all the shipping cost is ur responsibility and all the money of sales goes into your account.
  2. OfferUp.This is a commumity based platform that helps you when you have shoes for sell and helps you to make money as much as possible and it also have a free gift card giveaway for its members.It is also an app that allows you make money once you have something to sell,there for you just need to sign in and download the app appropriately. You get to keep a hundred percent of your earn because there is no listing or transaction processing fee attached to it.
  3. Pawnguru.com.This is a platform you can also connect with in other to be able to sell your shoes, because the platform connects you with Pawnshop locally.How this platform works is that, you will submit the picture with the decription of the shoe you want to sell at pawnguru.com. This Pawnguru works with the pawn shop that compete for your item.

The total cost of using this app is totally free, so it will be so good if you take the best advantage of the app.

  1. Store Envy.This online platform is also suitable for selling your shoes as well. Very suitable for indie designer that prefer to made their shoes themselves for sell.
    The site is therefore good enough for shoe designer to make and post there own shoe. This site allows you to create your own custom store and it helps you to keep your money 100 percent of your sales minus the transaction fee.When you sell your shoe through the store envy market, you will receive 90 percent and Envy will keep 10 percent to grow there platform
  2. KixifyThis is a kind of market place to sell your sneakers to get your cash using taxify. It is consider one of the largest market place to sell sneakers. There is no listing fee, no monthly fee and there is no set up fee. If you sell your shoes on this plat form. You will get 92 percent of the sales and 8 percent as a commission and payment are made with PayPal. If you wish to make money fast. If you are looking for how to make money fast, you will consider the business of buying sneakers at a low prices and consider selling it at as much more price in the site and this will make you get a good earning from your sales.
  3. LetgoThis is an ad site, and you can sell and buy local items here. The site is very well organised and categorized and this makes it easier for users to list their items and sell online.When trying to make cash in shoe selling, it is very important to make use of Letgo, it works like Craigslist.You don’t pay any form of money to do listings of your shoes, you must be cautious about meeting people to exchange your product. It is considered that you must be able to consider chatting online but if it is a must to meet, there are public places available for meeting.
  4. DepopThis is also a website that allows you to make enough cash from sales of shoes. It is an app and that you will be able to download and install it to start selling your shoes and other things online and this app is among the best apps you can use to make cash as well. To use this app, open the depop shop and sell pre loved clothes and find everything in between by taking a photo.You should make your own prices with no hagging or bidding required.Promote your Depop shop online and do all your transaction at your comfort zone.
  5. 5milesThis is another platform that is made available for buying and selling of goods and you will make enough of cash if you chose to sell your shoes on this platform both the nearby and merchandise services. It is easy as a seller to just sign up and upload the picture of the shoe you intend to sell for cash. Using this app you are able to communicate with the buyer through a kind of chat feature.There can also be a kind of physical meeting to trade your shoe for cash also.The future that is embeded in this app is easy, safe and fun to use and this makes it relatively different from other online shopping apps as you can also use it to share listings on social mediaYou get 100 percent of your earnings as they do not charge any fee whatsover for listing or transactions.

In conclusions, you just need to study this apps and there characteristics so well so that you will be able to make use of the one you desire most among them all

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